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Preparing for your New Countertops

Preparing for your New Countertops is pleased that you are consulting and/or decided to choose us to fabricate and install your new countertops. Due to the unique characteristics of natural stone and the installation thereof, we would like to focus your attention on the following points:

Stone Selection and Seams

Granite is a natural substance mined all over the world. maintains close quality control over all color selections and individual “slab selection” is usually not necessary. Because of our desire for you to be completely happy with your stone installation, you are welcome to visit in order to preview and/or approve the components or slabs to be used in your home or business. Pattern, color, and graining may vary slightly within the same “name” or selection and even throughout pieces from the same lot. Small samples are available for initial pairing with cabinetry choices.

During fabrication of your stone product into countertops, great care is taken to lay out the slab(s) to minimize waste, blend the pattern and colors, and to place the seams in the best location for structural integrity and visual aesthetics. Granite is a natural stone material cut in varying lengths from the quarry and larger pieces must be seamed together on site using butt joining techniques. Stone materials may include visible fissures, pits, inclusions, and pooling that occur naturally and are not considered flaws in the stone.

Estimate/Detail Visit (approx. 30~60 minutes)

  • Measurements are taken for estimating and quoting purposes – we will need to be able to measure all existing countertops and/or new cabinets.
  • Stone samples are reviewed and the color is selected.
  • All options will be discussed including: sink type, number of faucet holes, slide-in stove or drop-in cooktop, backsplash, and edge profile.

Templating Visit (approx. 20~60 minutes)

  • Templates (or patterns) are made from existing countertops and/or new cabinets.
  • Please completely clear all countertops by removing all appliances and other items.
  • New cabinets must be completely installed. does not accept any liability in the case of cabinets that are not level and walls that are not square/plumb which may result in a final assembly that is not 100% level/square. Any required adjustments to cabinets, brackets, walls, etc. are the responsibility of the customer and/or his/her sub-contractor and must be completed prior to granite installation.
  • We need the make and model of cook tops and sinks. If the new sink is an under mount style, the new sink will need to be delivered or accepted during templating before any fabrication can begin.
  • Locations of any seams are discussed.
  • There may be areas where your old countertops sit that may not get completely covered with the new granite countertops when tearing out your old countertops. These areas can include walls behind existing backsplash, the tops of painted cabinets, and where the countertops meet walls. We will discuss these items and any options that may be available to eliminate these occurrences. Typical solutions can include increasing the height of the granite backsplash, painting, or adding tile or other trim to cover any unfinished areas.

Installation Visit (approx. 2~6 hours)

  • Sink cabinets and cook top cabinets must be completely cleaned out.
  • The installers will need clear access to transport and install the countertops. Take down any pictures and wall hangings, and move throw rugs, plants and pet dishes.
  • Our installers will do their best to keep everything as clean as possible, but some dust might occur from the installation.
  • We use very strong adhesive for seams. Please be aware that these chemicals emit strong odors that should go away within a couple of hours.
  • All under-counter appliances (dishwasher, ice machine, trash compactor, wine cooler, etc.) should be installed and in place prior to the countertop installation.
  • Undermount sink(s) will be mounted to the granite. Additionally, drop-in sink(s) and the cooktop (if applicable) will be set in place to verify fit.
  • Electrical, gas, or plumbing connections must be disconnected prior to arrival. Reconnection of all plumbing, electrical, and fuel lines is the responsibility of the owner and/or sub-contractor. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to check periodically for any leaks until a plumber arrives. Reconnection may require new or additional piping. Any additional materials and/or labor are not the responsibility of CTHandiMan Inc. .
  • If we remove existing countertops, our crews try their best to be as careful as possible, but there is a chance that your walls, wallpaper, tile, or other wall coverings may be damaged and we will not be responsible for any repairs.

If you are going to have other contractors doing work in your home, please instruct them NOT to use your new countertops as a workbench. This will avoid any damage to your new countertops.