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Gutter Annual Contract

Stop Cleaning Gutters Forever wants your gutter cleaning to be the last of your concerns when it comes to your home. We provide a convenient, simple annual agreement so that our customers never have to think about their gutters again.

The annual agreement schedules our service crews for cleaning your gutters automatically on a regular basis. Once our crews perform an initial gutter cleaning at your home, they will access the needs of your gutters in correlation to the number of trees surrounding your property and the subsequent debris which falls. They will provide a schedule (1 to 4 cleanings per year) that, upon signing the agreement, will be provided at a discounted price.

Gutter Annual Contract Gutter Cleaning Pricing Installation, Replacement and Repair in Connecticut (CT) & Massachusetts (MA)

Our office will contact you up to three weeks before your scheduled gutter cleaning service to remind you of your automatic service agreement, giving you plenty of time to cancel or postpone if necessary. A follow up call the day before service will provide a window in which the crews will clean the gutters. Customers are not required to be home for service.

CTHandiman, Inc agrees to provide you, the Customer, our Whole House Gutter Cleaning service, which includes cleaning gutters by hand, placing debris in a five-gallon pail, and removing it from your property; checking downspouts for clogs and functionality; and clearing seasonal downspout clogs. Included, at no cost to the Customer, is a complete inspection of the gutters and roof for any potential problems. Though repair issues may be discovered and repairs recommended, no additional repair work that would increase the price of service will be performed unless specifically authorized by the Customer or one of his or her agents. This service will be automatically provided on a regular schedule of your choosing at the price that correlates to that specific schedule at the address listed above. The customer will pay in full at the time of service if the customer is home, by credit card over the phone, or online. The approximate next service date will be listed next to the different schedules. The Customer will receive at least one phone call and/or email as a reminder before we send out a service vehicle. The Customer has the right to examine the services upon completion and has 15 days in which to notify CTHandiman, Inc of any concerns or problems based on the quality of our service.

CTHandiman, Inc warrants that the services listed above will be performed in a satisfactory manner in accordance with our normal practices. If the Customer is unsatisfied, they may contact CTHandiman, Inc management and a follow-up service call will be scheduled at no cost to the Customer unless additional services, not listed above, are performed. The customer may cancel this service at anytime; however, if a service vehicle is dispatched based upon this agreement, and service is cancelled at the house, the customer agrees to pay an eighty-five dollar ($85.00) trip charge even though no service was completed. It is the Customer’s responsibility to contact us if moving or to request a change of address and/or a cancellation of service; otherwise, service will continue on this schedule at the above address until is otherwise notified, and the Customer agrees to pay all charges associated with such service.