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Customer Testimonials

“Horizon Energy Systems designed energy savings into our new home while in the planning stages. One of outstanding features of our 3450 sq. ft. home is the Radiant Barrier System on the walls and ceiling which keeps our electric bill much lower than any of our neighbors…with smaller homes. The builder of our custom home was skeptical as were several of the tradesmen working on the home. I must admit, our house began to look like a space station during construction. However, the proof in performance was quickly realized as it became more comfortable to be in the house than standing outside in the shade once the radiant barrier was installed! Our reassurance of this unique product became apparent in August after a severe storm which left us and all of our neighbors without power for 52 hours. It doesn’t take long to be uncomfortable during August in Connecticut without air conditioning. Our neighbors fled their homes for hotels, friends and family. We stayed in our home WITHOUT ANY AIR CONDITIONING. Although it wasn’t cool, it was bearable with the windows open due solely to the effects of the, Radiant Barrier Chip System. We would strongly recommend the installation of, Radiant Barrier Chip System. And the professional services of offers.”
3450sq. ft. framed home, flat roof, north orientation, dual pane glass
(side note: total electric bill in June: $146.00, 3400 square feet livable)

Joe and Tish Bedard, Guildford, CT

“It’s good to know your business is swamped.  We love the, Radiant Barrier Chip System.  This house stays much cooler in this heat.  Our neighbor came over last week in 90+ degree heat and humidity and the first thing she said when she entered the house was ” Wow – you guys are so lucky to have air conditioning!”   She couldn’t believe that we didn’t when I told her it was a new insulation product.  There is an immediate, noticeable difference in temperature from the outside to the inside.  We used 28% less propane for heating last winter and no more icicles or ice dams on the gutters!  All of our neighbors had ice problems this year. We highly recommend this product to everyone we know!  Good luck, you have a great product!”
Singe story ranch, 2450 sq. feet, propane heat no central A/C.
Kim and Caryl Kimball, Burlington , CT
(installed 8/98)

” My home is two stories 3400sqft in Madison, CT. I recently had, Radiant Barrier Chip System. installed in my attic. I do have one complaint, now my upstairs is cooler than downstairs! The chips were in for 10 days on my last electric bill and my June-July bill was less than my May-June bill. I expect to have total pay back in less than 1 year. I wish I would have done this earlier.”
Peter Cwik Burlington, CT  July/2003
(installed 1/03/92)   

Ever since you installed your Radiant Barrier Chip System in my home I have noticed a significant difference. Our home is plenty warm even in the bitter temps of New England I have had my thermostat dialed down at least 6 – 8 degrees cooler, just so my husband and I won’t break out in a sweat watching T V. All of my rooms are surprisingly comfortable. We no longer have a cool drafty feeling when we enter a room.  I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work.   Fox news ran your spot on Saturday and again on Monday night. You got two nights of Connecticut area exposure. Also a friend of ours was so impressed about your product he placed your business card on his classified ad page. Cthandiman, Inc. radiant barrier chip system will soon be all the rage here in Connecticut.”
Colleen Beattie
Single story home, 1450 sq. feet, gas heat no A/C
Dan and Colleen Beattie, Torrington, CT
(installed 1/03/92)  

“I am so thrilled with the Cthandiman, Inc. radiant barrier chip system that was installed in my attic yesterday.  Already I notice a difference. You may think that’s unusual but as I was getting ready for work this morning it felt as though I could feel heat coming down on my head and shoulders. It reminded me of the electric heat that was put in ceilings nearly thirty years ago when I was in Idaho. I was surprised myself. My furnace has hardly ran yet I am very comfortable with the temperature of the house. There are no hot or cold spots, just an even temperature no matter what part of the room you are in.  Thank you for the excellent job!”
Audrey Hawker, Wallingford, CT
1250sq. ft. block home, pitched roof, south orientation, single pane glass
(installed 12/03/03) 

“After installing Cthandiman, Inc. radiant barrier chip system in my 1900 square foot home, my monthly equalizer bill of $234 dropped to $117 per month.  When my bill was reviewed in October, they wanted to pay me a check for the difference but I told them to just take it off my bill.  I went five months without paying anything!  I also thought it strange that they called and informed me they were going to change my meter.
Not only am I saving about 50% on my energy bill, my home is more comfortable and every room is the same temperature.  I highly recommend radiant barrier chips and the services of CThandiMan, Inc.”
Single story brick home, 1900 sq. feet, heat pump
South orientation no shade.
D. Wright, west, Hartford, CT
(installed 9/08)

“My wife and I moved to Meriden in 1998 and started looking into ways to cool down our house in the summer months and keep it warm in the winter. We added a lot of shade and even vented heat from the attic with electric fans (which failed twice) and wind turbines. Obviously that was not enough.  I did some research and found that the government considered Cthandiman, Inc. radiant barrier chip system was the economic answer to our problem. I needed new heat pumps. Buying them improved our comfort by quite a bit, but I could still feel the heat radiating downward from the attic. Sundown made an immediate difference, so I knew more needed to be done in the attic. Cthandiman, Inc. came to our home and after an energy audit recommended much larger vents for the attic and the cthandiman, Inc. radiant barrier chip system.  The vents and barrier chips system immediately cooled down the house.  The new heat pump on the West end of the home ran non-stop throughout the day before the radiant barrier chip System. were installed.   Now it cycles on and off (mostly off), and our home is much more comfortable. The garage (which we use as a chapel) no longer feels like a bun warmer. Our bedroom is comfortable at last. We are very satisfied with all the work done. CthandiMan, Inc. understands the physics of heating and cooling and educated us in how this system would benefit us. I had a dark bathroom needing a solar tube. Another contractor told us it could not be installed made it happen without problems or mess. also installed two new attic vents. Everyone agreed that the vent systems added a lot more energy savings. We love them. I highly recommend the products, services and knowledge of cthandiman, Inc.”
Gregory L. Jackson, Doctor
3200 Square feet
R-28 blown Cellulose attic insulation (existing)
Exterior walls: Block
Windows: Original aluminum sliders
Roofing: Shingles
Existing venting: Two whirlybirds, one ridge vent, two gable vents
Additional venting:  Five Dormer vents, 13 soffit vents
Additional insulation: cthandiman, Inc. radiant barrier chip system over blown cellulose
(Installed 9/08)

“Our total electric bill for heating and cooling our 2300 square foot home last per year was under $240.  The mass construction and radiant barrier Horizon Energy designed for our home have proven to be an energy efficient design. We can now take advantage of lower off-peak utility rates.”
2300 sq. ft
Attic insulation: R-17 cellulose covered by, Radiant Barrier Chip System
Wall insulation: None used
Windows: Aluminum dual pane
Orientation: South
Utility company: Salt River Project
HVAC: Rheem 10 SEER 3 ton heat pump
S. Neil, West Haven, CT installed 2008)

“I am writing this letter for the purpose of relating my experience with and opinion of, Radiant Barrier Chip System that produces. My qualification to support these opinions and experiences include the following: I am a registered Professional Architect in CT and Mass with 20 years of experience in commercial and residential design. In this capacity, I have designed houses and many types of commercial and institutional buildings in the northern climates. I have, since 1978, studied solar energy and energy efficient design issues. I have completed a 4 part American Institute of Architects seminar series called “Energy in Architecture” that explored all aspects of energy efficient designs issues, including computer aided energy modeling for commercial and institutional buildings. I have recently installed radiant barrier chip system in the ceiling of a 1.000 sq. foot addition to my home in Cromwell, CT. installed its radiant barrier chip system in the ceiling of this addition. Although I had not specified radiant barrier chip system in this addition, I quickly decided to include a reflective barrier beneath the roof deck and between the wall sheathing and exterior stucco finish. As the radiant barrier chip system was being installed during August of 1995, my wife and children reported that they definitely felt cooler in the areas that the barrier radiant barrier chip system was installed as compared to the areas immediately adjacent, which had not yet received the new system I chose to include the radiant barrier system in this addition because I know that by reducing the radiant heat gain through the walls and roof deck, my fiberglass insulation would absorb less heat, thus increasing its’ efficiency. This will prevent the insulation from becoming a “heat sink” and storing unwanted heat in the structure. The radiant barrier system will also keep heat from leaving during the winter by re-radiating infra-red heat back into the conditioned space. I strongly recommend the use of radiant barrier chip system to reduce heat gain, heat loss, reducing energy consumption and increasing interior comfort. I also endorse Michael S. Lanzo personally as an educated and experienced energy efficient builder.”
Framed addition, pitched roof, dual pane glass
Allan Torvie, Senior Project Manager
(installed 9/2004)

“We own a 2353 sq. ft home built in 1982. The home is slump block and cinder block construction located in Monroe. In January of 1995, installed its radiant barrier chip system in our attic. We have realized significant savings and increased interior living comfort since the installation. This is what impressed me most: Due to a change in my wife’s work schedule, she is now home during the day. Prior to the installation of the radiant barrier chip system we used an evaporative cooler to reduce our summer electric bills. Now that she is home during the day, we have switched to air conditioning which usually increases our cooling bills.  In just nine months, our consumption was reduced 20.6% and we saved $394.28 or 32.3% over last year’s bill!  Using the A/C instead of the cooler!  I also installed Radiant Wrap on the inside of our garage door and around my hot water tank near the end of September which increased the temperature of our hot water and dramatically reduced the temperature in the garage. In closing, we are very pleased with the result of Cthandiman Radiant Barrier products and strongly endorse the use of these products and suggestions of Michael S. Lanzo. He really knows what he is talking about! ”
Slump block home, pitched roof, south orientation, dual pane glass
Dr. Robert R. Shields, BS, C.E.T., D.C.
(installed 8/08)

“My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received from CThandiman.  We had researched radiant barriers and even had another company come out to our house to give us an estimate.  They were only concerned about selling their product and not helping us to find an energy solution to give us the biggest payback.  In my research I found that the single layer barrier accumulates dust, which makes the product less effective over time.  When I found out about your product I was finally sold. Cthandiman found several problems with our attic.  First, we did not have proper ventilation.  Second, we had some ducts that needed repair.  Third, there were areas that the insulation was not level, which would have made the radiant barrier not as effective.  We have only had the barrier chips in our house for a few days and we have already noticed a difference.  The temperature outside has been at the highest of the summer and our home is more comfortable than before.  There was one room in our house that would not stay as cool as other areas.  Now, you can’t even notice a difference when you go into that room.  We also had the radiant barrier system installed on our garage door.  The garage is not the furnace that it once was.  This is even more important since we have a game room above the garage.  By eliminating the radiant heat coming in below the floor the A/C unit does not have to work as hard, which in turn, saves us money on our electric bill.  I have recommended this product to many of my family and friends and they are seeing the potential benefit and choosing to do business with CThandiman.  We appreciated that there were no high-pressure tactics, and can see that they are not necessary.  Your company has a good product, but more importantly we felt like your company was going to make recommendations based on what is best for our home. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing our next electric bill.”
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ober
Springfield, Mass

“I had to write you to say that as somewhat of a skeptic, I have been more than “amazed” at the immediate impact of the installation of your products in my home two days ago.  I’ll have to give credit where credit is due, you told me what to expect and you were 100% correct.  The difference was immediate, your installation team finished up in the late afternoon and within an hour I was able to lower my thermostat by 3 degrees and felt warmer everywhere in my home all night long.  The energy savings will prove more than worth the investment I am making, and I look forward to see just how quickly my ROI will develop.  Thanks so much for your amazing new technology and speedy implementation in my home.  I look forward to being a reference for your company whenever and wherever your requirements dictate.”
Stephen Knudsen
Ellington, CT

(installed 8/07)

Same customer, one year later:
“Well, I finally received my highest APS bill for the year in August 2008.  September actually dropped from August and same month LAST year was $658.00, THIS year…..$330.!!!!!!  Absolutely amazing!  You told me that I could expect to be even MORE comfortable in my home, saving energy and money at the same time, but this is over-the-top!  I could not be happier, only wish I’d found out about you a couple of years earlier.  Hope all is well on your end please feel free to use my endorsement anytime, anywhere.  Homeowners and Businesses alike NEED to know about this system!  Get Cracking! ”
Stephen Knudsen
Ellington, CT